Why working with us?

Sales Network

Access to the most extensive sales network in camping holidays in Europe

With our sales network we reach clients interested in camping holidays in 11 different European countries. This makes us the campsite touroperator with the largest number of potential clients.

Fast and in-time payment

Get your payment in time

No more waiting for your money, but in-time payment on the agreed date! Just send us your invoice in time and we guarantee you a payment on the date we have agreed in the contract. No need to worry about this.


Fair commission grid

With Camping Vision we work on a commission based model.

We take a commission on your public price, which is based on a good balance between marketing costs and a reasonable margin for you. Fair and easy, that is how we like to work!


Free to join!

Join the most extensive sales network in camping holidays in Europe

Joining the sales network of Camping Vision is free of charge for you. There is no registration or administration fee. It is our pleasure to have your campsite in our program.


You are in control over your allotments, prices, availability, content, discounts through our easy to manage back office system (as of 2018).

Just log on to our back office system and get all the information you need to know about the bookings that Camping Vision has made for you!

Customer service

The Camping Vision team loves camping just as much as you do.

Our clients are your clients! We do our utmost to ensure that clients have a great camping holiday. Any complaints will be dealt with by our professional team.

Direct contact

One contact person: your contract manager is 24/7 available.

He or she will visit you on a regular basis, will advice you and will contact you regularly. For all your questions regarding the contract this person is your first point of contact

Your benefits


Free publicity via our 22 websites in 10 countries

More than 9 million people per year throughout Europe visit one of our 22 websites. This means a lot of free publicity for your campsite. Your campsite will be visible all over Europe!


Increase revenue & occupancy rate

By covering all the European school-holidays we bring you more clients in the pré-and post-season. This will increase your occupancy rate for the season.


High quality customer database from all markets

As the number 1 specialist in camping holidays we have a large database of high quality customer information. We will send you clients who are willing to spend money on their holidays.

Continuous Growth

Camping Vision grows rapidly. Grow with us!

Our unique set up has a proven track record of succes, creating continuos growth over the last 5 years. We now represent over 500 campsites, and will grow to a turnover of 40 mio euro in 2018.

Save Time

Let us do the work

We take the booking for you, make sure the clients pay their stay and do all the paperwork. You only have to welcome the guests and make sure they have a pleasant stay.