Meet our contracting team

Niels Fasen | France, Croatia

“For 11 years, I have been working as a contract manager, of which 7 years contracting campsites in France. Before, I used to manage 2 campsites in France, for 3 years. This experience still gives me benefits in my current job. I always book campsite holidays for myself as well, nearly always to France. The freedom, the space and living outside a whole day on the campsite is what I like the most with my family.” Niels Fasen | France, Croatia,

Jinane Hoes | Italy

“When I think of camping, I think of fun, sun and family time combined with cultural trips and culinary experiences.
After having worked in diverse industries in PR and customer service I am looking forward to creating new partnerships in the camping world while building on existing ones.” 
Jinane Hoes | Italy,

Daniëlle Läcks | Spain, Italy, Contract support

"Since my childhood I have been interested in different cultures and languages. That is why I have opted for an international course of study and why I have worked in the tourism sector in Spain and Italy. These experiences have enabled me to develop my language skills optimally. I am grateful and happy that my passion for travel, my interest in other cultures and my language skills are reflected daily in my job at Campingvision."
Daniëlle Läcks | Spain & Italy, Contract support,

Andreas Jürgensen | Tour operator partnerships

"I love to travel and to experience new parts of the world. I have always believed that an international perspective and cultural understanding are of high importance in any meeting. I have always been interested in other languages than my Danish mother tongue and lived abroad several times in Germany, Austria and Spain, where I obtained fluent German, English and Spanish language skills. I joined Dansk Bilferie in 2012 to start-up our camping activities, LUX-camp, outside Denmark." 
Andreas Jürgensen | Tour operator partnerships,

Ralf de Bruijn | Tour operator partnerships

"Campings have been part of my life since I was born. Spending all my holidays as a child and later with my own family on campsites, I can truly say that this is the best business to work for. Before and during my study I worked as a courier in France. After various communication and marketing jobs for e.g. MSL (consultant), Center Parcs and Efteling (theme parc), I joined Allcamps 5 years ago." 
Ralf de Bruijn | Tour operator partnerships,